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The most popular way to buy Silver is in in the form of Silver Bullion. Silver Bullion, also known as .999 Silver, is the purest form of Silver made.

Silver Bullion comes in many sizes, the most common is 1 ounce Silver coins called Silver Rounds. Silver Eagles are also 1 ounce Silver bullion, made by the U.S. Mint and cost a few dollars more. Silver Bullion also comes in 10 oz., 100 oz. and 1000 oz. ounce Silver bars. The 100 oz Silver bar weighs a little under 7 lbs, and the 1000 oz Silver bar weighs almost 70 lbs.

You can also buy Silver coins- (see table below). Please email for current prices on Morgan and Peace Silver dollars, Walking Liberty Silver Half dollars and Mercury Silver Dimes.

Silver Coins Years Composition Net Silver
Silver dollars 1935 and prior .900 Silver .77344 oz. pure Silver
Silver half dollars 1964 and prior .900 Silver .36169 oz. pure Silver
Silver quarters 1964 and prior .900 Silver .18084 oz. pure Silver
Silver dimes 1945 and prior .900 Silver .07234 oz. pure Silver
Please note, coins minted between 1965 to 1970 have 40% silver.
No U. S. coin in circulation has contained Silver since 1971.
Silver Bullion Years Composition Net Silver
Silver Rounds any year .999 Silver 1 oz. pure Silver
Silver Eagles any year .999 Silver 1 oz. pure Silver
Silver Bars any year .999 Silver 1 oz. pure Silver
Silver Bars any year .999 Silver 10 oz. pure Silver
Silver Bars any year .999 Silver 100 oz. pure Silver
Silver Bars any year .999 Silver 1000 oz. pure Silver

Why Buy Silver?

Precious Metals experts like Ted Butler, Jason Hommel, and David Morgan say it is an excellent hedge against hyper-inflation and currency debasement. Buying Silver now in 2012 is especially timely, with active and open talk of the debasement of the Euro, and the U.S. dollar. The experts who tell you to buy silver bullion will also tell you that no fiat currency has ever lasted more than 40 years. The U.S.A. went off the gold standard in 1971, and here we are 40 1/2 years later, the U.S. debt is bigger than the US GDP, or gross domestic product. The independent experts agree that the U.S. dollar will soon be toast. That is why gold and silver have gone up over 50% the last three years.

Silver has been used as money for 5,000 years by mankind. But we measure silver's worth against the U.S. dollar, perhaps if we all agreed that an ounce of pure silver is equal to 4 chickens, there would be far less volatility, but silver and gold will continue to go up, and ultimately parabolically, until the U.S.A. has a currency backed by gold or silver. Until then, we at Silver will continue to sell pure .999 silver bullion, straight from the mint with no minimums or commissions. Do not buy paper silver in ETF form. They are based on a fractional reserve system, which means little or no real metal exists. So if, even 10% of those people who own paper silver request to take position of physical silver, the entire paper ETF silver market will come crashing down, another in a long line of shameless Wall Street scams. Silver and gold are the best portable sources of wealth. You can buy or sell silver at any time at any local coin shop.

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You can buy silver in many forms, silver one ounce rounds are the most popular, and come 20 ounces to a tube.

Some people like 1 ounce Silver Eagles, which are silver 1 ounce rounds made by the U.S. Mint, are a premium coin at $2.50 over rounds. Others like 10 oz bars, which are the same size as an iPhone. Others like 100 ounce silver bars, which are about the size of a cigar box, and are almost seven pounds of pure silver. Take the advice of experts like Ted Butler, Jason Hommel, David Morgan, and Jim Rogers, who suggest you buy and hold physical silver or gold with 10 to 25% percent of your nest egg, as a hedge against hyper-inflation and currency debasement. You can sell your silver bullion anytime you want, at any coin shop or jeweler. The vast majority of coin shops have very little silver bullion on hand and are always looking to buy silver. You work hard for your money, why not hang on to it? Invest in silver bullion. Silver is solid money.